Change Practicum

1. Why choose Change for my Practicum? 

Change provides the unique opportunity to learn and directly implement innovative teaching methodology, including agile and gameful design principles. Our collaborative and creative environment will allow you to experience the classroom in a real-world, hands-on setting, providing exposure to a range of age groups and learning requirements. 

2. How long does the Practicum take to complete? 

The 20-hours is spread out over a 6-week period and covers both 8 hours of observational engagement as well as 12 hours of direct, live in-class teaching.   

3. What will I experience during the 6-week Sprint? 

For your 8-hours of observation, you will engage in various teaching environments such as our exclusive children’s program “English in a Box,” International Exams, Business Conversation as well as other supportive interaction. You would actively participate in a 12-hour program or ‘sprint’ over the course of a month, engaging in direct teaching interaction with students led by a primary teacher. You will also be provided with a coach to personally guide and support you through your practicum journey.  Once all of this is complete, you will be furnished with a Change Practicum Certificate to be shared with ITA and confirmed for approval. 

4. Is there a teaching opportunity after the Practicum?  

There certainly is, and with the completed Practicum you now qualify to be a lead instructor for  “English in a Box,” with the career opportunity to pursue a coaching status. 

5. What is a coaching status? What are the benefits? 

For those who have completed their practicum and are an active instructor for “English In A Box,” the doors open to independently teaching international exams, business conversation, and one-on-one tutoring, which include a wider age-range and greater compensation opportunity. 

6. I am thinking about teaching in Peru, can Change support that journey? 

Yes, we can and would love to support that journey. We can provide you a living  income as well  as assist in finding you a place of residence. We are also in the process of creating the Teacher House; a super affordable and exciting place to live and teach in. 

7. I am ready, where do I sign up? 

Just simply set-up an appointment with Jota, CEO of Change, and he will care for the rest!

Schedule A Meeting With Jota

8. I have some questions, any chance I can speak with someone directly? 

You can talk directly with the CEO of Change, Jota and to schedule a use this Calendly link here: Change Calendly